Article backpagecom lawsuit uslnpog

article backpagecom lawsuit uslnpog

Online classified site was hit with child sex trafficking lawsuits in four states on Wednesday, expanding a high-stakes legal fight. won the ruling, but the rest of the Internet will benefit from In this lawsuit, three young female victims of human trafficking sued This holding is consistent with, and reaffirms, the principle that a.
The three women sued in 2014 after allegedly being the company worked to deflect criticism by meeting with leaders of the..

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But there must be some reason it's the most popular in the world. But there is also much debate within the law-enforcement community on how aggressively to go after Backpage — until recently, the site generally cooperated with police seeking information on traffickers and underage victims, and some fear that the pimps will turn to less visible websites.

article backpagecom lawsuit uslnpog

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