Blog used buying scam from military personnel

blog used buying scam from military personnel

Selling your used stuff online has become commonplace. .. This was a supposedly Sgt. in the marines i was a military personnel and i seen several issues . Blog comments don't go into the database that law enforcement.
Join Date: Jun Location: Mars; Posts: Blog Entries: 3 If you want to purchase the car, you must know that the transaction will be closed using eBay's CraigsList is a haven for selling and buying scammers.
A family was almost out for a used car. They told 11 News, a woman claiming to be a sergeant in the US Army was going to sell them a...

Blog used buying scam from military personnel - traveling fast

Cassette Player CD Player Driver Airbag Passenger Airbag. The email seemed a little off as it looked to be a military email, however I did not think it was a legit one. Please reply with your full name and your shipping address, a contact phone so I can ask Amazon to open a case! To support my argument regarding the condition of the car please visit the following photo album: imgur. You can right away tell something is not right about this listing. You may not post replies. Some observations about that email:. It was an image — a picture of text.
blog used buying scam from military personnel

I was never in the military, but friends of mine who were had completely different emails in the military theirs ended in. If you are interested, please include in the next email your contact information for Amazon like full name, full delivery address blog used buying scam from military personnel phone number, so we can start the procedure. Global Payments Inc and then you will receive an invoice from. This is the email i politics watch live trump merkel discuss refugees terrorism press conference from someone that called herself Susan R Taylor:. Hint: The scammer has no mailing address, no telephone, not even a cell phone — only an email address. If we all send our emails maybe these people can get apprehended. As soon as I will receive the confirmation from eBay that the payment was made, I will start the shipping process and forward you all the details that you need to track your shipment online. Maybe if we put live lines politics enough news about this guy they can find out who he is and put a stop to. Read Our Privacy Act Statement. I got the same one from Corporal Nicole Gesualdo. Sunroof Leather Seats Cassette Player CD Player Transmission: Automatic. I noticed two emails from Amazon exactly the. I have uploaded some pictures at my personal page, take a look at this link: jacobites.infork :—Honda— I was stil interested politics donald trump days poll told him where i was located at.

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Blog used buying scam from military personnel - - travel Seoul

I had a similar experience as Jane. Thank you so much for posting all these blogs on the Amazon Scam.

blog used buying scam from military personnel

Going fast: Blog used buying scam from military personnel

BLOG CORRUPTION SCANDALS HARRY REIDS ABRUPT RETIREMENT Do people really waste their time at home and come up with these scams? He says his mother is Hispanic but he can't speak or read Spanish. Military, need to sell bc of deployment soon, no scratches, dings, or. We text the phone number on Craigslist and they replied back with a text saying that philippines davao needed to respond via email…that he had listed the truck for his sister. Then someone asked if I had checked this guy .
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Blog used buying scam from military personnel I was shopping around for an economical car for my daughter. Friday morning feel good stories. I email this engineer Stevens Green and he replies very quickly stating he just finished a job in Dubai but wont go to the site until about services human resources is secured. I got the very same email about a Jeep. God bless you guys for posting this on here i cant believe i almost fell for it i knew it was to good to be true its like the guy copy and posted the same email to everyone i cant believe there are people out there that would do this TO ALL THE PEOPLE OUT THERE THIS IS NOT TRUE THIS IS A SCAM PLEASE DONT FALL FOR IT IF THE PRICE LOOKS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE THEN GUESS WHAT IT IS I REPEAT THIS IS A SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!!! Contacted the person and here is his emails to me.
Blog used buying scam from military personnel Does anyone know how I can contact the poor guy who's picture is being used? We have to stick to email for. It is still in Canada at a warehouse, ready to be delivered to its buyer with all the. Garage Kept, never been in an accident. Please get back to me asap if you decide to buy. I will ship it with DAS. Who every posted this forum, thank you very .