Columnist post truth politics

columnist post truth politics

Back when I was enlisted as a persona non grata, Turkish officials, including President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his inner circle, said things about me for days.
Donald Trump's lies are part of a long tradition of political mendacity that holds far fewer fears in the age of digital media.
First published in Le Monde Diplomatique. Translated by David Broder. A system that has veteran TV journalist Christine Ockrent commenting..

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Post-truth differs from traditional contesting and falsifying of truth by rendering it of "secondary" importance. And how, anyways, did we get here? According to the cultural historian Mary Poovey, the tendency to represent society in terms of facts first arose in late medieval times with the birth of accounting. Who Governs the Climate? In a recent fight, the Polish courts have led to an exponential increase in the rise of conspiracy theories and other post-truth mechanisms aimed at furthering the level of misinformation within the country. T he new American president, Donald Trump, celebrated his first day in office with a barefaced lie. There are indeed places where there is a merciless hunt [to root out] the Left alternative — the one that thinks the present world is not "reality," because it has not always been like this, but rather has become like this through the effect of a series of forceful blows, most of which were accomplished politically by supposed "left-wing" governments and symbolically validated by "left-wing" media. If ever there were a campaign that called for aggressive reporting, this one did, and it produced terrific examples of investigative, public service-minded journalism at its best.

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  • But they seem to be losing their ability to support consensus. It is the empty and insignificant reign of "facts," all the better to leave unquestioned the master-signifier in the background: that the world is what it is. This is a new politics.
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Welcome to the brave new post-truth world!

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Feminism on the Verso blog. Google now tags fact-checking sites in its News search results. Within hours a frenzy of electronic communication extorted a confession from Downing Street that May had indeed known but not wanted to say.

columnist post truth politics