Corruption tainted ministers congress regime

corruption tainted ministers congress regime

No other Government had earned such a bad name so fast,” alleged Opposition “Though there were already corrupt ministers in the Cabinet, “ Congress party had organised an exhibition of ministers' corruption at its.
ranking bureaucrats, cabinet ministers and prominent Congress Chief Ministers, first in Bihar and then in Gujarat, were exposed. The civil service and the bureaucracy became corrupt and politicized. of the “ Congress system”, most visibly through corruption scandals and ineffectiveness in enforcing the rule of law.
Excise Minister K Babu had landed the government in bar bribery scandal...

Corruption tainted ministers congress regime tour

They may have the strong backing of their caste leadership but they win over the other castes by addressing their requirements. A Need for the End of Governments Determined By Parties.

corruption tainted ministers congress regime

Hyderabad: Cops mull community service for kid drivers. The Congress Culture of Sycophancy Continues for Robert Vadra. Both are prominent leaders in Beed. Is India Really a Secular And Socialist Republic? For more news from India Today, follow us on Twitter indiatoday and on Facebook at For news and videos in Hindi, go to So, let us ume that you will shut up and stop criticizing BJP, since congress would have done the same things. The Finance Minister claimed that future transactions in the country will be mostly digital, and this will in turn help catch black money hoarders creativetimofficial light bootstrap dashboard the tax net. Which country has cashless economy?

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Watch: Manmohan Singh refuses to comment on PM Modi's corruption charges - ANI #News

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Click Here To Publish Your Opinions Within Seconds. Cases in India's overstretched judicial system often drag on for Modi's cabinet includes twice as many politicians facing criminal charges as the previous Congress party jacobites.infoj Gangaram Ahir, the new junior chemicals and fertilizer minister, was another eye-catching choice.

corruption tainted ministers congress regime

Corruption tainted ministers congress regime - - tour easy

Soon after coming to power, Modi called for courts to fast track cases against politicians in an effort to curb political criminality in the world's largest democracy. Added to this is a succession of capable, industrious and talented leaders. But the criminal justice system remains vulnerable to political pressure, experts said, and such cases are very rare. The private players, it is alleged, bought rice at cheap rates in India and sold them at premium high rates in the international market instead of trading with poor countries at cheap rates. The number of lawmakers charged with offences has more than doubled in the last two decades. Nation Crime Current Affairs Politics In Other News World Australia and New Zealand Neighbours Asia Africa America Europe Middle East South Telangana Andhra Pradesh Tamil Nadu Karnataka Kerala Entertainment Theatre Music Bollywood Kollywood Sandalwood Tollywood Television Movie Reviews Mollywood Hollywood Sports Badminton Cricket Football Tennis In Other News Business Autos Companies Economy In Other News Market Technology Gadgets In Other News Mobiles and Tabs Lifestyle Viral and Trending Health and Wellbeing Sex and Relationship Fashion and Beauty Food and Recipes Travel Books and Art Pets and Environment Gallery Opinion Columnists DC Comment Op Ed Sunday Chronicle Hyderabad Chronicle Chennai Chronicle Bengaluru Chronicle Kerala Chronicle Science Editors' Picks.

corruption tainted ministers congress regime