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More people were employed in the finance, insurance, real estate and leasing industry, in information, culture and recreation, in the "other.
The sharing economy in Canada. Text - Selected Related information PDF (184 KB). Released: From November 2015 to October.
Data for the academic year from the Financial Information of Community Colleges and Vocational Schools Survey are now.

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Alberta also recorded the highest growth among provinces during the two previous intercensal periods. As a result, monthly estimates will show more variability than trends observed over longer time periods. Browse by key resource. Skip to secondary menu. Seasonal adjustment Unless otherwise stated, this release presents seasonally adjusted estimates, which facilitate comparisons by removing the effects of seasonal variations.

Quebec and British Columbia recorded increases in employment, while there was little change in the other provinces. The overall population growth masks considerable differences among the provinces and territories. Employment in this industry has been on an upward trend since the spring. Alberta also recorded the highest growth among provinces during the two previous intercensal periods. Unemployment rate — N. In the three decades that followed Confederation, the number of people in Canada grew rapidly, entirely as a result of natural increase. Unemployment daily quotidien info — P. Skip to secondary menu. No endorsement of any social media products or services is expressed or implied. Government of Canada, Statistics Canada. The number of dwellings rose more slowly than the national rate in the Atlantic provinces, Quebec, Manitoba, and the Northwest Territories. These decreases were partly attributable to the Great Depression. As a result of lower population growth, the share of Canadians living in the Atlantic region has decreased in the last five decades. The other three fastest growing CAs were Wasaga Beach and Collingwood, in Ontario, and Squamish, British Columbia. For more information, see " Interpreting Monthly Changes in Employment from the Labour Force Survey, daily quotidien info. A census metropolitan area CMA consists of one or more neighbouring municipalities situated around a population centre known as the core. These institutions offer programs at the postsecondary level university transfer and career programs and may offer trade-vocational level sport other sports wrestling tape scandal diva. The declines over this period were spread across several service sector industries. Browse by key resource. These data represent a smoothed version of the seasonally adjusted time series, which provides information on longer-term movements, including changes in direction underlying the series.

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