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El Blog del Narco is a website with a fine collection of stuff shat out by Mexican drug cartels. Images of chopped off heads, narcovideos with "sicarios" being.
A Historical Encyclopedia David M. Fahey, Jon S. Miller “Drug Trafficking Stories: Everyday Forms of Narco -folklore on the U.S.-Mexico Border” in International March 13, http://arts beat. blogs jacobites.info -tigres.
Blog del Narco was an unpaid blog that attempts to document the violent incidents and Blog del Narco. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to...

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The content is updated all the time. In fact, sites like Blog del Narco might actually help spread and popularize content that traditional media already produces. These are the vehicles which truly do look like they were straight from the Max Max franchise, owing to their entirely armored exterior and unique appearance. Multidimensional data analysis, data mining e. Nate Freeman of The Observer said "his facelessness allowed him get away with stories that would endanger known journalists[... Which of the following statements is false? Data collected by the motion-capture software can be used to identify fielders that have fast reaction times. This article is a stub.