English general grammar questions forum

english general grammar questions forum

Good questions for this forum. Grammar and usage, spelling and punctuation; Word choice, pronunciation and dialects; Problems related to learning English as.
Grammar Forums - Ask an expert about grammar. How come Americans are so bad at spelling and grammar? Forums: 2 English language questions.
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English general grammar questions forum -- flying

Its overall structure and its... In this forum you can find out everything about LELTA, especially how you can benefit from a LELTA membership. Upgrade your browser today or install Google Chrome Frame to better experience this site. There have been a few questions about whether Context Free Grammars can be used to model English. You can sign up and log in with your Facebook, Twitter or Google account. Search this forum only.

Is this sentence grammatically correct? Is it possible to put "Cruise ships seaworthiness " instead of " ships' seaworthiness and " ship hull " instead of " ship's hull"??? Are the following sentences correct? Here is the place to share experiences and get advice, help and support. Let us know what you think about this website to make it even better. LanguageGrammarEslEnglishDiction Question.

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