Epolls senate indiana republican primary

epolls senate indiana republican primary

Primary results have already turned one super safe seat -- Indiana -- into a and outsiders are continuing to win Republican Senate primaries.
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Rick Berg R and ex-state Attorney General Heidi Heitkamp D in North Dakota. It's also worth remembering that some of the states we list as leaning Democratic -- Hawaii, New Mexico and Ohio -- might end up going to Republicans in the right fall climate. Third party officeholders in the United States.

epolls senate indiana republican primary

Eventually support will coalesce around the candidate. Forgot your username or password? Their victories may or may not end up benefiting Democrats in the fall, "epolls senate indiana republican primary". Indiana of Secretary of State. You are using an outdated browser. Let's revisit this one after the two national party conventions have concluded. But we are being cautious on our own state, and we are not yet convinced that the critical, narrow Obama lead will hold. One other primary of note: It appears that insurgent Ted Cruz could knock off Lt. Palin in Indiana Senate race". Dave Weldon, but Weldon doesn't appear to have the financial strength or name recognition to compete. Special elections to the U. At the debate Mourdock, when asked what his position on abortion was, responded: "I know there are some who disagree and I respect their point of view but I believe that life begins at epolls senate indiana republican primary. We also suspect that an autumn drift in the presidential race, driven by economic reality, will reset a few Senate races and change our current outlook.

Voting underway in the Indiana primary election

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So might some of the leans Republican seats, such as the aforementioned races in Arizona and Indiana and, in particular, the surprisingly close contest between Rep. Govs No Toss Ups. Meanwhile, in toss-up Wisconsin, a multi-candidate field makes Badger-land's Republican primary hard to predict. The race between ex-Gov. Third party United States House of Representatives. That said, Hovde might be the next Sen.

epolls senate indiana republican primary