Eurostat statistics explained healthy life years

eurostat statistics explained  healthy life years

Definition This is the Structural Indicator named ' Healthy Life Years ' (HLY) and life tables are obtained from official national demographic and mortality statistics. Eurostat and EHEMU/EHLEIS (European Health Expectancy Monitoring.
EU statistics show that life expectancy at birth has risen rapidly in the last century due to (years) Source: Eurostat (demo_mlexpec). Figure 5: Infant mortality, 2004 and 2014 . The European Perinatal Health Report.
EHEMU - European Health Expectancy Monitoring Unit. Years in · Healthy Life Years Statistics (Eurostat Statistics explained) · HEIDI (SANCO)...

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It is used to distinguish between years of life free of any activity limitation and years experienced with at least one activity limitation. The emphasis is not exclusively on the length of life, as is the case for life expectancy, but also on the quality of life. It is a simple but powerful way of illustrating the developments in mortality. These will include an altered pattern of resource allocation within the health-care system, as well as wider ranging effects on consumption and production throughout the economy. One major difficulty in planning for future health and long term care needs, however, is the lack of agreed estimates of future numbers and needs. However, it is the only source currently available.

The wording of the questions for activity limitations differ between ECHP and EU-SILC. Indicators on the web. The European Health Interview Survey EHIS also contains news world trump says germany owes vast sums nato after meeting with merkel question on activity limitations. Evaluation of the use and impact of the ECHI by Member States - Executive summary. Its interest lies in its simplicity, the availability of its basic data, and its independence of the size and age structure of the population. Are we living longer, healthier lives? No data are available for Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Liechtenstein.

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  • Eurostat statistics explained healthy life years
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  • Eurostat statistics explained healthy life years

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