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forum what basic cable

lylejk wrote: I had to keep the basic cable as opposed to the near $80 that my last package would have become now that my contract's up) in order.
CRTC (Canadian version of FCC) has now made it law that Cable & Satellite companies MUST provide a basic package for only $25 by March.
Forum discussion: quote: Cable and satellite providers must provide skinny basic packages priced at $25 a month to every consumer by March.

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This question is still unresolved. Stay informed with Comcast Alerts. Where do you live? I don't know I feel like they'll find a way to screw you over at the end. You could be stuck with expensive crappy Canadian TV programming on the dish. Mark Topic as New. Indeed, XTV includes, pretty much, all of FilmON's channels plus several cable channels including FOX and FNC.

forum what basic cable

And let me guess, you must have the basic channels in order to purchase the individual channels we actually want? Where do you live? My understanding is that the rules for IPTV require that they have a secure delivery network: in other words, you have to buy the connection it's delivered over from them, forum what basic cable. Too many unwanted channels on cable these days. Suggestions About the Community Forums. Talk about a diminutive choice of the former channels I had, but fortunately, thanks to streaming, I still have a lot of "channels" to watch. I seem to remember seeing Nick on smart tv's as an ala carte channel. Channel Pear's not ready for prime time imo, Gordon. Did you try using VPN? In my area there are a couple of channels on Basic service that are also duplicated in higher channels.