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Stay at home moms - Forum for stay at home moms and members living on a single income. Topics can include transition to being an at home mom or daily.
Our Favorite Make-Ahead Freezer Meals for Moms-to-Be. Announcement is it normal for working husband to expect stay at home mom to be a maid? 12. Missing: archives....

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Mix In A Pinch. A couple times a week I go to the gym in the early evening and he goes to the daycare there to play with other kids.. If you need support please post here. Its easy to fall behind.

forums stay home moms archives

Tips for someone planning to be a SAHM? I posted my comment because I can relate from my personal experience and I was not bashing nor trying to insult you or. Try and cook supper while keeping twins happy and helping with homework. I am new here and unsure where to post. The Bump Month Clubs. Sometimes we are home for lunch other days we eat on the go. I do feel that I am a Super Mom and anyone else can be the. She is only forums stay home moms archives by things. Thanks for answering my question Sunnie. I'm sick of a friend of mine complaining about having to work and blaming work on why she can't keep her house clean, cook, or city lies death search tehran time with her baby. Hot thread with unread posts. Would you email me info on this? How can we develop reading habbits in a child?

Seven Inspiring Home Business Ideas For Stay At Home Moms

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Stay on the US site. With our oldest in kindergarten this year, there are a lot of balls in the air, and I wish I could be home to manage them. But I still love seeing how others are able to do it. I think that there is a negative attitude about SAHMs as kids age but I think that society has negative attitudes about a lot of things! Would you email me info on this? I sweep, mop just wipe things down. How do you do it? I do laundry, etc during nap.

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Blog exercises better Would you email tips having strings attached info on this? We, also, limit our going out to eat and meal planning is what keeps me sane! I think we can all agree that stay-at-home moms have the hardest job. Subscribe to This Forum View Parent Forum. And yeah butterfly- what about summer, illness, teacher In service days, baby sitter issues. She hasn't even been back to work yet! I crave my alone time like you wouldn't believe.
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