Irish quiz

irish quiz

Irish Trivia - irish quiz questions from ireland with a strong irish flavour on all things irish.
A short test about Ireland and about famous Irish people.
Use this Irish trivia quiz to test your knowledge of the Emerald Isle. Know your Westlife from your Frank Pantridge? Find out.

Irish quiz -- tri easy

The Daily Edge Latest News Feed How Truly Irish Are You? Surnames of Irish politicians. Wave and say hi, but pass by. You're a little too genteel to be the true epitome of Irishness. DUSTIN DO THE FLAP FLAPS!

irish quiz

Irish quiz -- flying

Had a row that day. Here is everything we know about Rory McIlroy's ridiculously fancy wedding in Mayo. You're about as Irish as Jack Charlton..

irish quiz

Journey easy: Irish quiz

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Irish quiz Which of these would most strike the fear of God into you? Trudge around in the irish quiz because you're here now and it would be a shame to waste it. More features coming soon. Talk to you later. OK, you're not really Irish at all.