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Tourism has a lot of potential, but was largely limited due to insurgency and concern of violence over the last five decades. Ministry of Finance India. Proudly powered by WordPress. Bibliographic List of Contents. On this Day in History. The British administration enforced the rupee as the currency for economic activity and a system of structured tribal government that was very different than historic social governance practices. The Sacred Heritage of Tibet. The author initiated this "An Amy Heller Reader" together with dr Kurtis Schaeffer.

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War dances and other dances belonging to distinctive Naga tribes are a major art form in Nagaland. Along with other tribal regions of the northeast, the people of Nagaland accepted Christianity. Bibliographic List of Contents. It borders Manipur in the south, Assam in the west, Arunachal in the northeast, and Burma in the east.

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Special newspaper education week cfed The state capital is Kohimaand the largest city is Dimapur. Nagas and the Monoliths. Newark: The Newark Museum, pp. States and union territories of India. The invaders came for "head hunting" and to seek wealth and captives from these tribes and ethnic groups.
GOOGLE LOSCHT BLOGGERCOM SITES Due to diverse culture and coupled with the dominance of the Baptist Church in Nagaland and few field workers, our church presence has been minimal. Tribe and clan traditions and loyalties play an important part in the life of Nagas. The Constitution of India grants all citizens a freedom to leave, change or adopt any religion and its new sects. People of Nagaland are sincere and hard-working. State symbols of Nagaland.