Microsoft react native code push issues

microsoft react native code push issues

Due to platform changes, react - native - code - push @2. Fix build issues by reverting Android SDK Build Tools version to the version specified in the.
Fixed state issue Microsoft / react - native - code - push where SyncStatus would transition to UP_TO_DATE prior to an update being.
I'm having issues with code push on iOS. If I build from Xcode to run on the device, it works fine and downloads/applied the update as expect;...

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Is there a way to pull logs on why it rolled back? Add notifications for JS bundle operations. Note: Any product changes which touch native code e. You signed out in another tab or window. When dev support is enabled, the React Native runtime attempts to load the JS bundle from a locally available cache. You signed in with another tab or window. View the updated Android install docs for more details. Updates will now be downloaded from a CDN to improve performance for users globally.
microsoft react native code push issues

This is a bug fix release which addresses the following two issues:. Additionally, once you are using the assets system, you are no longer simply releasing updates of your JS bundle file, and therefore, you'll need to change your CodePush workflow a little bit. Restarts can dalyellup bunbury disallowed during critical end user workflows The Javascript API exposes a new disallowRestart method sheeran tattoo that says galway grill because allows a component to ensure that no programmatic update restarts can occur while it is mounted resulting in a "quick flash" that some users may think is a crash. Note: If you aren't farmworkermovement essays acres mark the new React Native assets system, then you can continue to release only your JS bundle to CodePush, and rely on your images to be loaded from the binary. You signed out in another tab or window.

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  • Microsoft react native code push issues
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Note that by default, React Native logs are disabled on iOS in release builds, so if you want to view them in a release build, you need to make the following changes to your AppDelegate. If your build process already generates distinct binaries per "environment", then you don't need to read any further, since swapping out CodePush deployment keys is just like handling environment-specific config for any other service your app uses e. I check your suggestion, and my keys are identical. I believe that otherwise any enterprise security audit will automatically fail. This occurs because the app might still be using the older cached file, and CodePush is effectively not being consulted.

microsoft react native code push issues