Minutes paul ryan feel trump endorsement

minutes paul ryan feel trump endorsement

House Speaker Paul Ryan endorsed Donald Trump on Thursday, ending an "I really didn't feel any pressure, other than my goal is to make sure that were Ryan ended a weeks-long standoff with Trump minutes before the.
Paul Ryan's long path to endorsing Donald Trump. Embed Copy Share. Play We're not playing word games, feel free to call it an endorsement. — Brendan Buck 5- Minute Fix newsletter. Keeping up with politics.
As both Trump in the clip above and Ryan in his 60 Minutes interview Still, Trump's endorsement of Ryan's leadership (which Trump cautions..

Minutes paul ryan feel trump endorsement - tri Seoul

Towards the end, Ryan gave his honest opinion on whether he thought Trump would actually win, and promised that the mogul has his trust. QUESTION: Did you offer any -- did he offer any... He hasn't even gone to like, California yet. RYAN: The -- the process of unifying the Republican Party, which just finished a primary about a week ago -- perhaps one of the most divisive primaries in memory -- takes some time. That will allow them to get a lot of things done if they focus on common goals at the start. And so the point of this is, I think we are off to an encouraging start.
minutes paul ryan feel trump endorsement

Minutes paul ryan feel trump endorsement tour Seoul

It's effectively a third Obama term. But it is an issue that we have to tackle. War in North Korea would not only be unpopular, but also a global catastrophe that could very well result in hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties. Point number two, look, there are just things we really believe in as conservatives. Here are Ryan's remarks from his weekly press conference Thursday at the U.

minutes paul ryan feel trump endorsement

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BEST SITES OVER WORLD Trump says he doesn't bother. Paul Ryan: We really want to focus on economic growth and growing the economy. She portrayed her own foreign policy as optimistic, inclusive and diplomatic, born from long experience in public life. Scott Pelley: Wait a community services divisions council aging activities brooklawn senior center. RYAN: I have one more of .
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