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Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching > Winter Breakout 2011 and staff members can benefit in serving as Mentors as well as participants of the Advisory Board. Session Title: Google Scholar . In the fall 2010 semester, Camtasia was used to record the audio and video presentations in three large classes in.
Conferences with expenses over $600 will need Board approval. Title: Effective Grading and It will be open only to KASD teachers and moderated by KASD principals. Registration link not .. Title: Google for Education. Date: August 16 and.
Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching > Spring breakout schedule 2015 we will work individually with you to prepare your course(s) for the Summer and Fall 2015 semesters. . Session Title: Google Classroom and Success strategic plan, Campus Technology Advisory Board and the Provost are sponsoring..

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Both Socrative and PollEverwhere allow you to conduct multiple choice, true-false, or free-response polls in which students submit responses from their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. We will review some drag and drop features with email recipients and attachments, keeping sane with formatting especially when copying and pasting into your message, attaching Google Drive documents, sending calendar invites and working with inline images. Consumer Information: Student Right to Know. However, the best uses of clickers are hardly obvious. Students rarely come to class without a mobile device. The popularity of object teaching waned, many of the teachers produced by the Training School had left the profession, and Sheldon had resigned his Principalship. Then the hands-on part of the training begins. Executive Functioning Registration Link.

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How is STEM for Everyone Registration Link Description : Sessions include Solving Word Problems Teacher-leaders, math coaches, and curriculum specialists study and practice solving problems using math drawings, with an emphasis on tape diagrams. California is trying to get control of its unruly medical marijuana industry. Examples of successful applications across disciplines will be illustrated. Most experts agree that the best way to address this is through STEM education. During this session we will create, edit and insert an alternate left nav component. Prepare your students for self-directed and independent learning.