Onyx shut down lyrics

onyx shut down lyrics

Lyrics to " Shut 'Em Down " song by Onyx: Straight up nigga Motherfuckin Southside nigga (word up) Brooklyn what! We gonna do it just like th.
Lyrics to ' Shut 'em Down ' by Onyx. Shut 'em down / Yo shut 'em down start the violence / We wilin' wilin' sling back his body found / Washed up on Coney Island.
Lyrics of SHUT 'EM DOWN by Onyx feat. DMX: Fredro Starr, Official Nast' I'm tired of these yo yo yo, Shut 'em down start the violence we whylin...

Onyx shut down lyrics - - tour Seoul

We gonna SHUT 'EM DOWN! Onyx - Shut 'em Down Lyrics. Verbal semi mad a cap. In the morgue admit it dogs I'm the Rottweiler my glock holla.

You think they thinkin kid well me Stick. Worth makin' my shit go boom. Was it worth goin back to the Earth so soon? MTV won't even play my video. Thirty-two shots and ducked. Yo I'm the livest nigga alive, watch me show you. With a rusted Glock, Then I bust a shot.

Onyx shut down lyrics -- traveling Seoul

My cartel drop shells. Feel like killin for your crew? We turn shit dumb quick when the gun click. God of the Underground, I'm gunnin em down with a thunder pound. Yo it's beatdowns anonymous, I spits like a shiny silver nine' ll bust. To your own doom, from the graveyards. On top between that same nigga, when they pull out spray nine shots.

onyx shut down lyrics

Onyx shut down lyrics - - flying

We gonna SHUT 'EM DOWN! All lyrics are the property of their respective authors, artists and labels. Go gat for gat. I hop out of prison and find me a hot little tropical woman. Till there's no room. Next time you see me. Hate is spread [? Shun sees takin' your time.

onyx shut down lyrics

Flying cheap: Onyx shut down lyrics

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JOURNEY FROM ANDOVER EXETER The guy from Rikers Height stayed on his job, with his own little mob. Fuck five mics, I don't need no mic! This is it. We gonna shut 'em. But he should understand -- cause even God got a shit list.
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Government eugene jobs I'm so hype, I take your life, betta have my doe right. Niggas bald head like Kojak. It gonna take a whole lot to put up your best. And FUCK FIVE MICS, I DON'T NEED NO MIC!!!!! Feel like killin for your crew? To your own doom, from the graveyards.