Over achieving shelf mommies

over achieving shelf mommies

Overachieving Elf on the Shelf Mommies. By Throat_Punch on March 16, BlogHer Original Post. Submitter Name: Throat_Punch. Content Creator Name.
There are two types of overachieving moms: The mom who says she's doing all on the Shelf is sitting on a shelf (where normal moms put him) or if he's fishing.
While she writes regularly about people or things that irritate her, it was Jen's ode to “ Overachieving Elf on the Shelf Mommies ” that put her on....

Over achieving shelf mommies - - traveling Seoul

I don't know jacobites.info don't know jacobites.info I am pretty sure you just became my new BFF!!!!!!! As soon as the laws change, we'll marry immediately unless we're twins separated at birth--which I suspect. Just shared on my blog's FB page. I had to post this to my facebook page so all those other unmedicated mom's can enjoy it as much as me!!!! And don't worry abt your elf, I'm so lazy I still don't even have one. I told him Santa doesn't bring those. Do I respond with: "Because it's a small fucking house and daddy ran out of places for the silly thing to sit" or "Because he can see the whole room from there buddie". Do we ever bake in the summer time? over achieving shelf mommies

I have had more fun than I EVER imagined I would doing. The movers lost our elf. Having said that, I'm one of those overachievers, I guess, because I've had a blast coming up with fun and silly things for our Elf to. It would take years to undo that damage if I did that, over achieving shelf mommies. I thought I was watch massage rooms full service slow intense only one who didn't have an elf because I thought it was nonsense. I don't know jacobites.info don't know jacobites.info I am pretty sure you just became my new BFF!!!!!!! It is what you make it! My kids are my elves, why would I need a plastic toy, and then make a mess myself, blame it on the toy when my kids make the same mess… I have to paid blog ways make money blogging up twice? But having seen the 'craze' I can certainly understand and appreciate the value of this post. I spend hours putting clothes BACK in the correct closets. Who cares if another mom wants to take funny pics of the elf doing things? Ugh, that Elf sounds dreadful.

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