Pure user guides outputs

pure user guides outputs

Pure user guide: Adding publications and other output. Any research output generated by your work can be added into Pure. Publications can be imported from.
If you have a DOI for the output, see our user guide on adding an output to PURE using just the DOI number. If you do not have a DOI you can search for your.
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Finance Forms Leisure and culture. Recording Impact in Pure. Changing the visibility of publications. If a research output already exists in Pure and you have incorrectly been omitted from it, you can use the claim feature to request the record to be updated. How do I add my research outputs to Pure? A guide explaining how to claim or disclaim a publication record is available here.
pure user guides outputs

Which browser should I use to access Pure? You can also leave both duplicates pure user guides outputs the system viola diana local slut louisville kentucky they have identical titles as the duplicates will be flagged automatically to Pure support and merged for you by the team as soon as possible. The Library will endeavour to create records in Pure for these outputs, however authors may wish to create the record themselves to ensure the earliest visibility on staff profile pages. To set up a scan select Edit profile - a new screen will appear - select Setup scan for publications in online sources on the left side of the window. Administrative users may require access to a number of different roles in Pure and should contact pure jacobites.info for advice before applying for roles. All projects in Pure are pure user guides outputs from the Research Management System RMS nightly and are based on records set to award in that. You can change the order of authors by clicking up and down arrows. How do I make my profile visible? A User Guide is available to download. How to remove proposed outputs video. To import a publication from an online database, select longing back kiss then dont uber large green button Add new in the top right corner, pure user guides outputs. Getting started with Pure - short training course. Pure will also match imported details of the journal and publisher with information already held in Pure. The majority of changes you make to your profile information update on your profile immediately. It can be government shutdown explained from the left hand side menu once you have logged into Pure. These statistics will be refreshed periodically. Changing the visibility of projects.

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  • You can re-edit the research output record at a later date by clicking on the title from your personal overview page.
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If your record has the status 'For validation' it won't show on your profile. Please check your wi-fi signal or see whether there are any University wide network issues. If an author is incorrect, click edit next to the name and either edit their details, or replace with a different author. Finance Forms Leisure and culture. Any updates you make to your Pure profile such as, for example, updating your biography , will not update any Faculty or School webpages you may have.

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Deleting records in Pure will result in a permanent deletion of the record from the system and the record will be deleted from all of the co-authors profiles in Pure. The University also has requirements for open access from many of its funders and publishers.