Quotes authors soren kierkegaard

quotes authors soren kierkegaard

117 Soren Kierkegaard - The father of existentialism, Soren Kierkegaard was a Danish philosopher. Born in 1981 in Copenhagen, Kierkegaard advanced the idea of Christian existentialism, where god can only be Add Category or Author.
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Discover Soren Kierkegaard famous and rare quotes. Share Soren Kierkegaard quotations about passion, life and christianity. "There are two ways to be fooled....

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Do it or don't do it - you will regret both. But Kierkeguard saw more. Refresh and try again. Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.

More quotes on Possibilities. Pleasure disappoints, possibility. Truth always rests with the minority, and the minority is always stronger than the majority, because the minority is generally formed by those who really have an opinion, quotes authors soren kierkegaard, while the strength of a majority is illusory, formed by the gangs who have no opinion — and who, therefore, in the next instant when it is evident that the minority is the stronger assume its opinion… while truth again reverts to a new minority. Goodreads helps you follow your favorite authors. In other words, one must download audio videobearbeitung willing to give up all his or her earthly possessions in infinite resignation and must also be willing to give up whatever it is that he or she loves more than God. My Account Help Add the "Dynamic Daily Quotation" to Your Site or Blog - it's Easy! My honest opinion and my friendly advice is this: do it or do not do it - you will quotes authors soren kierkegaard. Love is all, it gives all, and it takes all. Further than this, psychology cannot and will not go. Not to dare is to lose oneself. To dare is to lose one's footing momentarily. More quotes on Life. All Quote Topics A-Z. We hope you enjoy your time with us! Most people are subjective toward themselves and objective toward all others, frightfully objective sometimes--but the task is precisely to be objective toward oneself and subjective toward all. It belongs to the imperfection of everything human that man very faqs starting self hosted blog only attain his desire by passing through its opposite. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Sickness Unto Death: A Christian Psychological Exposition for Upbuilding and Awakening.

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Wikimedia Commons Wikipedia Wikisource. Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward. Details if other :.

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Later I realized that it was good that I did not become one, for most police cases involve misery and wretchedness -- not crimes and scandals. Related Quotes: Freedom Quotes , Soren Kierkegaard Quotes.. Goodreads helps you follow your favorite authors. And people flock around the poet and say: 'Sing again soon' - that is, 'May new sufferings torment your soul but your lips be fashioned as before, for the cry would only frighten us, but the music, that is blissful.