Travel lifes beach tanjung bira

travel lifes beach tanjung bira

Bira. This article is part 2 of 5 in the series South Sulawesi Trip 2016 Tanjung Bira Beach is the main attraction where locals usually stay. . the tranquility that we had been longing for, ever since we left our busy life in KL.
Home Travel Life's a Beach at Tanjung Bira There can't be many things in life that are better than a sandy beach in the tropics. They don't rust.
There can not be many things in life that are better than a sandy beach in the tropics. they do not rust, they will not break down and they do not.

Travel lifes beach tanjung bira -- flying

Jordan was very quick to respond to any questions and sorted us our transport from the airport. You are commenting using your account. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! A gem of a find in Bira right on the beach fantastic balcony for sunset.

travel lifes beach tanjung bira

Life's a beach in Tanjung Bira. Hi Dea, thanks for writing all that! Thank you in advance. The natural ambience will be calming. Taka Bonerate has not achieved the same spotlight as its neighbours but it has gained quite a bit of attentions from local backpackers who are more interested in less traveled places. Barrier-Free Travel: Deaf Guides Bali. Holy See Vatican City State. Restaurant also serves good food. Home Categories Beach Tanjung Bira Beach, Indonesia. Melodies of the Far East of Indonesia: Describe your grad with movie title, Pa. The sand like flours. He has done an amazing job creating a place for travellers to come and make their home away from home! In addition, you may enjoy white sand beaches, beautiful sea, delicious sea food as well as journey to the islands nearby. Home Travel Asia Indonesia Bara Beach: the Ultimate Destination of Tanjung Bira. Notify me of new posts by email. But its still one of the most picturesque beaches in Sulawesi. Jordan was there to meet us on arrival and really helpful with any queries or problems. Swim in the sea.

Travel lifes beach tanjung bira -- traveling

Bira Cape famous from.... Follow Me on Facebook. Our stay was perfect. Sunset in Tanjung Bira. No one ever found out how it was named "Goat Island". Bara Beach Bungalow also our favorite place to spend time looking at the beautiful ocean while enjoying our lunch.

travel lifes beach tanjung bira

Flying fast: Travel lifes beach tanjung bira

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Travel lifes beach tanjung bira Tanjung Bira Beach, Indonesia. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. I will write more about Selayar Island in my next post! We're so happy and enjoy our short vacation. The construction of the traditional Phinisi saver has been done here for hundreds of years, now, and you will probably Phinisi already seen if you've ever visited the old Sunda Kelapa port in Jakarta. Unfortunately, we didn't get to go here due to the fact that I came marche pour europe federale know about it on the day we were about to fly to Makassar. The cassava chips are to die .
Travel lifes beach tanjung bira Best travel time Bira may be a suitable destination to avoid the monsoon season from its seasonal rainfall is different from that in Jakarta, Makassar or Bali. Unfortunately though, the price to stay in this resort was too expensive for our pockets and we thought we could do so much more with that money other than staying for few nights in the resort. Citizen of the world. It suffices to say. I am a green traveler, so I love Cosmos because they are truly eco-friendly place to stay.