What right

what right

1. Do what is right ; the day-dawn is breaking,. Hailing a future of freedom and light. Angels above us are silent notes taking. Of ev'ry action; then do what is right !.
Right. In an abstract sense, justice, ethical correctness, or harmony with the rules of law or the principles of morals. In a concrete legal sense, a power, privilege.
Right definition, in accordance with what is good, proper, or just: right conduct. See more....

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Rights are often included in the foundational questions that governments and politics have been designed to deal with. See: civil rights , marital rights RIGHT.
what right

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A person is constituted by his body and his mind. Two further Hohfeldian incidents define what Hart called. Positive rights such as a "right to medical care" are emphasized more often by left-leaning thinkers, while right-leaning thinkers place more emphasis on negative rights such as the "right to a fair trial". Equality before the law. Mentioned in These Terms. The improvement of one right facilitates advancement of the others.

what right