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wiki united states corporate

This is a list of notable companies based in the United States. For further information on the .. Country Real Estate · United Parcel Service (UPS); United Rentals · United States Enrichment Corporation · United Technologies Corporation.
The history of corporate law in the United States concerns the development of the corporation, primarily as a business organization, under the different United.
United Technologies Corporation (UTC) is an American multinational conglomerate . Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst have identified UTC as the corporate producer of air pollution in the United States as...

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And the main objection, as I see it, to the very large corporation is, that it makes possible — and in many cases makes inevitable — the exercise of industrial absolutism.... The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation. This acquisition is not taxable to Smallco or its shareholders under U. GTE , now part of Verizon Communications. State governments could and did also incorporate corporations through special legislation. Without such limitation, owners could structure financing of the corporation in a manner that would provide for a tax deduction for much of the profits, potentially without changing the tax on shareholders. In the procedure to bring a derivative suit, the first step is often that the shareholder had to make a "demand" on the board to bring a claim.